ICQ Over Google Talk

A few friends have asked me about this so I finally decided to put up a page that explains how to configure that. Actually you can create other combinations like ICQ over Jabber or AIM over GTalk, or MSN, or Yahoo, any service that has a jabber transport. It's up to you but I'll explain specifically how to configure ICQ over GTalk.

Using NFS Exports in Mac OS X

Using nfs exports on OS X is pretty easy, it's core is FreeBSD based after all. To mount an nfs share go to Applications - Utilities - NetInfo Manager.

Saving FreeBSD Ports Make Flags

Ever tried to save FreeBSD port flags?

Qmail, vpopmail, qmailadmin, vqadmin quick install guide

cd /usr/ports/mail/qmail-smtp_auth+tls
make -DWITH_BIG_TODO_PATCH -DWITH_QMAIL_QUEUE_PATCH install disable-sendmail enable-qmail certificate clean

Login Script in PHP - Step by Step Guide

How to quickly install the PHP login script without any hassle in 15 steps.

Submitted by Luke Williams.

PHP Multi Page Results Class

Separates results on multiple pages.

Note: requires PHP 4.1.0 or higher because it uses the new superglobal variable names like $_GET, $_POST, etc.

Unix Download Managers

Review of Linux download managers.

This is not intended as the most complete list of download managers for Linux/Unix, it just comprises the applications I have used.

PHP Login Script

A complete PHP login script; includes user registration, login, logout, change password, change member details, and user list.

HTML Forms Validation on the Client Side

Form validation on the client-side is essential - it saves time and bandwidth; you also have better control to show the user the wrong field.

PHP Login Script - FAQ

Frequently asked and answered questions about the PHP login script and login scripts in general.

Remote SQL

Execute SQL queries on a remote host. Uses HTTP connections instead of direct database connection, which are not allowed on many hosts.

Make Your PHP Code Portable

Make sure your program can run on different PHP setups by distributing a custom environment setup. Expalins how to create the config and how to get your current configuration.

HTTP Keep-Alive Connections in PHP

PHP class for easy use of HTTP keep alive connections. Handles transparently close connections, keep alives with content-length, and chunked encoding.

Add XML News Feeds to Your Site

A lot of sites now offer news feeds in XML format that you can use to fetch their news - the most common format is RSS (Rich Site Summary).

Remembering Non-Registered Visitors

Remember visitors' information entered on your site, using cookies, to save time if the same details are needed again.

FTP Search

FTP server indexing and searching; written in PHP.

Handling Errors in Python

Avoid the ugly error messages in Python by implementing custom error handlers.

Python Tutorial

Python is a somewhat unpopular language that is often compared to Perl (from people who know it exists).

Converting a Database Schema from MySQL to PostgreSQL

Port your database dump from MySQL to PostgreSQL easily with this PHP script, the article also explains how it works.

Create a Hierarchical Navigation Menu

How to create a hierarchical navigation menu which expends the current section.

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